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Project Description

The bold and bright colour scheme in this wedding cake was inspired by the stunning colours in the Bride’s South-Asian wedding outfit – pink, orange and gold.  Amongst other things, the brief for this cake was to create something which was both colourful but elegant and, could be easily transported to the venue by a brave guest!  The cake was booked at very short notice so there were limits as to what we could provide but the 3-tier design featured perfectly iced cakes, embellished with a piped and painted drop design.  The golden 2nd tier was airbrushed with over a dozen coats of gold airbrush paint to build up the depth of the colour.   We created an arrangement of silk flowers for the topper and matching custom-made floral pedestal to provide additional height.  The final touches were colour-coordinated satin ribbons to highlight the orange and pink.

While most wedding cakes are ordered anywhere up to 2 years in advance, we first received a call from this Bride just over 2 weeks before the big day!  While not always possible, we will always try to accommodate last minute orders so always get in touch.  We hope that the Bride and Groom had a wonderful day!

Project Details