Price/Portion Guide

Every one of our commissions is a luxury, bespoke piece requiring dozens of hours to complete.  As a result, the final price will vary depending on the complexity of the design and the flavour you desire.

An accurate quotation can only really be provided after a consultation with either the couple or the event planner (please contact us to make a booking) however, estimates are available below.

Every one of our cakes will be baked freshly for your event, filled with your choice of filling and then enrobed in a layer of the finest Belgian white chocolate ganache before being finished in a thin layer of Swiss-made fondant.  The result is nothing short of exquisite!

Please be advised that our diary is currently closed and we will not be accepting any new commissions for the time being.

Portion Guide

When including a 4” top tier, this tier is usually not served but retained by the couple.  Larger versions of cakes with the same number of tiers can also be provided.  The below serving guides are for round cakes.

3 tiers – 4”/6”/8” – up to 72 coffee servings or 39 dessert servings

4-tiers –4”/6”/8”/10″ – up to 144 coffee servings or 78 dessert servings

5-tiers – 4”/6”/8”/10″/12” – up to 251 coffee servings or 134 dessert servings

Dessert vs Coffee serving?

1″ x 2” = sponge cake ‘dessert serving’

1″ x 1” = sponge cake ‘coffee serving’ or standard serving for fruit cake

Price Guide

Starting prices for our cakes are below – this cost includes a classic sponge made from luxury-quality ingredients and several hours of design work:

3 tiers from £800

4 tiers from £950

5 tiers from £1150

6 tiers or more – price on request

Delivery is included within the immediate area.  Delivery outside of this area can be arranged.  Where possible, most cakes will be assembled and dressed at the venue – liaison with the venue coordinator is included in the delivery charge.

Wedding Favours / Dessert Tables

Wedding favours including cupcakes, cookies, cake pops and macarons are available to order alongside a wedding cake.  Details of dessert table packages will be available soon.